Group and Individual Coaching

I am able to use my experience and academic knowledge to coach or mentor in any of the areas you feel you need support.
Restarting life following a divorce, redundancy or ‘empty nest’.
Adjusting to life after long term illness.
Dealing with loss of confidence or low self esteem.
Struggling with balancing life and family.
Reducing stress and depression.
Whatever the issue, there is always a solution – together we can find that solution.

If during the process of exploration, we [you and I] recognize that your needs are better met by someone with clinical skills, then I would help in signposting you to then most relevant sector.

We also offer a variety of Individual and group coaching and mentoring services. Please see our packages and prices below. We are always happy to initially explore options with you in a FREE 20-minute exploration call to clarify any points.

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